How did Browntape multiply 60-year old Renka’s online sales in just 6 months?

Rahul Renka

Established in 1958, Rosy Hosiery Mills (RHM) has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting a number of products including fabric, garments, home furnishing, baby products and accessories. Their products are designed n tune with global style and colour trends, and have been well received by customers over the years. On the manufacturing front, they produce about 3,000 kgs of fabric/6,000 pieces per day.

Tryst with E-commerce

Over the years, RHM went from being just a manufacturer to brand Renka, known for women’s clothing, but sold only in the local markets. With almost 60 years in existence and three generations, the family decided to take the leap into ecommerce and enter the world of online retail. In the second half of 2014, Renka was listed on online marketplaces like Amazon and Snapdeal. But they failed to click and they could not complete the expected sales target. However, in October their sales started picking up and they their revenue multiplied in just three months! Today, Renka is among the top online sellers of winter apparel. How did that happen? Browntape!

Renka’s sales picked up after Browntape started managing their ecommerce operations

Renka’s sales picked up after Browntape started managing their ecommerce operations

Manufacturing – Renka’s advantage

  1. Profit margins not compromised- Being a manufacturer, the biggest advantage Renka had was the absence of middlemen, this helping to ease the cost factor. Without cutting down on profit margins, they could price products such that sustainability wouldn’t have to be compromised.
  2. Bulk products – As they were producing products in bulk, a stock-out situation never happened. Each design had 40-50 pieces in different sizes and colours.

Why did it fail to take off in the online space immediately?

Timing! When RHM started selling online, it was not the time people were buying winter items. Hence the traction was low. But the key while selling online is to keep selling after analysing the factors involved and making sure the right elements are applied at the right time.

How Browntape uplifted online brand Renka

A quick study of the brand revealed the following about Renka:

  • Styles and designs in tune with industry trends
  • Competitive prices
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Capacious warehouse

Capitalising on cues from Renka’s existing retail channel, Browntape formulated their online sales strategy:

  • Strategic timing

Different products sell better at different times of the year. A diary or a journal may sell more in December or January, while a normal notebook may sell more in May or June. Sales of gold jewellery picks up during Dhanteras, which is considered auspicious for buying gold jewellery. And so on. From October, customers would start checking out winter wear and Browntape accordingly advised Renka to churn out a larger quantity of products in different sizes and colours. So when sales started picking up, Renka was ready to fulfil the incoming demand without disappointing customers for which they received good reviews.

  • Consistent quality

Again, being a manufacturer, Renka could ensure one of the most crucial aspects was on track – product quality. Even one bad product can hamper the reputation of a brand (we know how social media is customers’ favourite to vent out or share opinions), thus leading to drop in traction.

  • Daily operations

Right from cataloguing to listing to order processing to inventory management was handled by the Browntape team, thus freeing Renka team from the headache of monitoring marketplaces and sales. All they had to do was pack products according to the orders received and send them out to customers.

  • Good seller rating

Seller rating on a marketplace is testimony of the seller’s products and performance. With Browntape’s seamless daily operations, Renka was able to fulfil all orders on time thus keeping customers happy and inviting positive reviews. With consistent good reviews, Renka’s rating ranked higher and impressed more customers.

  • Participation in online sales

Marketplaces have different deals and offers at different times, it becomes a tedious task to monitor and keep track of these. Browntape did this for Renka and decided on the right offers to participate in so that products would catch the eyeballs of the right customers.

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Online selling requires a dedicated team and continuous efforts to see effective results. A good team and seamless set of processes are a must for smooth operations. Browntape Enterprise Services understands this and helps retailers to take their retail business online. Once on board, Browntape will handle all the daily operations while the retailers can focus on quality and variety of their products.

The Importance of Multi-Channel Selling Strategy and Business Continuity

As online retailers of the 21st century, we do most of our work the digital way. Although technology simplifies the job drastically, it also introduces multiple potential points of failure into the system. We already have to deal with things like natural disasters, server outages and market collapses. Bringing more and more technology into the picture means that we also have to account for malfunction in each of those tools. As a web based business owner, things like your website shutting down and the customer database being wiped out or hacked are the stuff recurring nightmares are made of. For multi-channel retailers, the threat is still greater because there is so much more at stake! So what should you do to ensure that you sleep like a baby at night? Among other things, the key is business continuity planning. Business continuity is a field of study and analysis that deals with planning and strategizing to ensure that the critical operations of a business remain running smoothly despite serious incidents or disasters that might otherwise interrupt them. Studies have shown that at least two out of five businesses who haven’t considered business continuity collapse within the next five years of a disaster. If you are still not convinced, here are 5 points that will surely change your mind in incorporating business continuity planning in your strategy.

Why should you incorporate

business continuity in your

multi-channel sales strategy

1. Ensure smooth business operation

A business continuity plan helps you identify the kinks in your business model that might lead to potential disasters. For multi-channel operators, it can be anything from load testing a website to data security. This is essentially a pre-emptive strike to the impending disaster, making sure that your business is running smoothly and without vulnerability.

2. It is your fire escape

Of course, not all disasters have internal reasons. There are some that you can’t do anything about. Natural disasters in the past ten years, like the 2005 floods in Mumbai, the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami caused thousands of business owners their livelihood. Online retailers need to plan for such contingencies. The way to go about it is to identify the most crucial aspects of the multi-channel retail business and create systems that will enable remote operation in case of a catastrophe.

3. It protects your valuable data

Multi-channel online retailers typically have loads of valuable data. There are customer databases, inventory management sheets, receipts, not to mention the data on the orders under processing. One of the major concerns of business continuity planning is ensuring that all your data is disaster proof. Using a multi-channel inventory management system like Browntape can give you access to your data from anywhere and you can rest assured that it is stored safely.

4. It reduces your downtime

Business continuity management is like preparing an emergency kit for your business. Without it, you will be completely clueless as to what to do once the calamity is over. With a continuity strategy in place, you will be able to land on your feet and commence with your operations.

5. It prevents you from going out of business

Most importantly, it prevents the worst. The ability to cope with a serious incident depends upon a lot of factors. It is best for it not to be kept to chance. What makes an online retail business successful is its longevity in sustaining a certain amount of standard. This only comes by patiently recognizing pitfalls on the road and side-stepping them. Therefore, it is crucial for you to include business continuity planning in your multi-channel operation strategy.

For any queries or more information on multi-channel sales strategy and business continuity, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Browntape.