How Rena Kutz, Kitchenware manufacturer, transformed their Online Retail business with Browntape


The Rena Kutz Group has been a trusted name in the home and kitchen appliances industry for the past 50 years. They have been producing the finest stainless steel kitchen accessories like kitchenware, utensils, cutlery and a series of unique kitchen aids for professional hoteliers/caterers. Their brands have been globally recognized and are regularly exported to the global markets in regions like Europe, Singapore, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, USA and UK.

The key points to the success of Rena Kutz can be attributed to the meticulous care with which their products are fabricated, using the finest raw materials, engineering techniques and skilled manpower. Products are only shipped after thorough quality checks and customer satisfaction is considered to be the prime goal.

When a company with a legacy like this decides to foray into the world of online sales, they need to be very careful. The online market can be quite fickle as compared to the offline one, and one mistake can easily be magnified.

Rena Kutz partnered with Browntape to improve their hold on the online market and the results were quickly visible. This case study looks at the advantages that Rena Kutz had while entering the market, the challenges it faced, and how it overcame those challenges to establish itself as a major player in the online retail market with the help of Browntape.

Key Advantages of Rena Kutz

Rena Kutz entered the online market with a few important advantages over many other sellers. A few of them are:

  1. Established brand name
  2. Over 50 years experience in the industry
  3. Existing manufacturing and storage units
  4. Experience in shipping abroad
  5. Access to superior raw material, technology and manpower

Overcoming Challenges

With these assets, Rena Kutz was ready to take on the world of online retail. But online retail is a different ballgame, and the company soon realized that. The initial issues began with the different requirements of different marketplaces. Each online retail channel requires sellers to verify themselves, and each uses a different format to do so. Once the registration is done, comes the question of listing, cataloging and selling on each one of them. Again, each marketplace operates differently, which means that, for a seller with the means to provide for multiple marketplaces at the same time, the real headache is to co-ordinate between each of them.

This is a common problem with established brands entering the online retail space for the first time. They do have the manpower and the operational prowess to produce, but they can be lacking in the technical know-how of the online marketplace. Many large enterprises fail to make a mark on the online retail space due to this issue.

Teaming up with Browntape

Sensing that they required expert assistance, Rena Kutz recruited Browntape to help manage their online sales. Browntape has years of industry experience and knowledge about the working of the online market. Its team of experts quickly assessed the situation and streamlined the online sales procedure for Rena Kutz.

These three are the most important ways in which Browntape offered concrete assistance to Rena Kutz.

  1. Integrating online sales channel data

  2. Optimizing logistics using automation 

  3. Bridging the gap between consumer and seller

  1. Integrating online sales channel data. By simplifying various operational processes and integrating sales data from all the subscribed sales channels, the response time to issues like low inventory was drastically reduced.
  2. Optimizing logistics using automation. Using tools such as automated printing of invoices and shipping labels, Browntape managed to streamline various processes without having to recruit more manpower and lowering costs.
  3. Bridging the gap between consumer and seller. Browntape created and managed easy access lines of communication between the seller and the consumer, backing it up with technologies like courier tracking to make sure that customer grievances were made first priority and solved efficiently.
Sales of Rena Kutz after tying up with Browntape

Sales of Rena Kutz in the past four months

Ashish Shah, the Director of Rena Kutz, feels that ecommerce is here to stay in India and all the manufacturers have to be present in the online space.

“Today’s consumer has the benefit of getting things at home without wasting on time and conveyance to go to the shops. Browntape is an excellent service provider to help your products be out there and be visible on all marketplaces at the lowest cost.”


Today, Rena Kutz is one of the top sellers in all online marketplaces it has its presence in. More importantly, it has taken to online sales like a fish to water.

Abhishek Malu, Category Manager at Browntape handling Rena Kutz says,

“When the client places his trust on us, the onus is on us to use our knowledge and give our inputs pertaining to price, SKUs etc. Productive outcomes are the result of mutual trust; efficient growth is the result of the right product listed right and priced apt such that it gets maximum visibility.”

Do you want your story to be the next Browntape success story? Contact Browntape today and we’ll be happy to help you multiply your online sales.

Online selling requires a dedicated team and continuous efforts to see effective results. A good team and seamless set of processes are a must for smooth operations. Browntape Enterprise Services understands this and helps retailers to take their retail business online. Once on board, Browntape will handle all the daily operations while the retailers can focus on quality and variety of their products.

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