How Natural Printing teamed up with Browntape to streamline operations and increase profits

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Natural Printing Pvt. Ltd. (NPPL or Natural Printing) is the brainchild of two friends, Mayank Bhatia and Shephali Mittal, over a casual conversation and a cup of tea. Soon enough, they took up the idea and started pursuing it seriously, with a little help from their friends.

Natural Printing first made its foray in the business world by creating chic, customized corporate gifts for MNCs. Inspired by the rising ecommerce wave, they decided to change their approach and start selling their products online in 2013. The two categories that Mayank and Shephali decided to focus on were bags and personal care. They created two brands for each category – Bendly and Hill Fresh. Now they are planning to enter other product categories by establishing new brands.

Natural Printing teamed up with Browntape during their online entrepreneurial journey. This case study is an account of the various challenges faced by the Natural Printing team, and how they overcame them to become one of the top sellers in their categories with the help of Browntape.

Transitioning from Corporate to Online Sales: Challenges

Establishing a brand in the online retail market from the ground up is no easy task. NPPL started off as an exclusive caterer of corporate gifts for various multinational companies. They established their business by nurturing a network of friends and acquaintances and growing it. But there were some stark disadvantages to the corporate market.

  • The orders came at irregular intervals.
  • Even with large volume orders, payment would always be an issue.
  • There was very little scope in terms of growing a brand.

After two years in the field, Mayank and Shephali started feeling a stagnation in the market and a need to explore uncharted territories of the online world. But this would take a lot of planning.

They were also aware of the differences between the two markets:

  • While the corporate market worked on a made-to-order basis, the online retail market required you to have a stocked warehouse all the time due to the anticipated steady flow of orders.

  • Creating listings, registering to various online retail channels and smoothing out operational bottlenecks were the next concern.

NPPL started focusing on two labels – Bendly in the bags category and Hill Fresh in the personal care category. The assistance provided by various online retail channels that they subscribed to turned out to be very helpful. After setting up and settling down in the business, the next challenge appeared – that of business expansion. Although the two brands were experiencing steady sales, the company was looking for further growth in the online retail market. Lack of funds and intellectual manpower were the main reasons for this stagnancy.

Teaming up with Browntape

The online retail market is tough because one needs to always be on top of the day-to-day operations, customer grievances, returns, logistics, etc. This leaves very little room to plan for business expansion issues like entering into new categories and creating new labels. There are two ways in which this problem can be addressed. The first is to hire an employee base and train them to handle the daily operations.

A simpler way is to tie up with an ecommerce solutions provider and let them take over the menial tasks. This is where Browntape came to NPPL’s rescue.

While looking for ecommerce experts to associate with, NPPL found that Browntape had an edge over the competition since they provided support in listings.

What pleasantly surprised them was that Browntape’s team of experts was ready to take over operational areas like onboarding to new marketplaces, listing products, reputation management, handling customer queries, creating invoices, and many more. As a result, Mayank and Shephali were free to do tasks that really mattered in the long run, from managing the brand identities of their labels to expanding into new marketplaces.

“So business has grown with certain speed with support provided by Browntape and we are looking forward to touch new heights with them,” Mayank beams.


The results of this business decision are quite tangible. Since January, sales have increased by a steady 30% each quarter. In fact, sales in the current quarter have already surpassed the figures in the January/March quarter.

NPPL dec-feb edited

Natural Printing’s sales soared in February 2015 after tying up with Browntape.

Apart from that, Amazon has awarded “No.1 seller in messenger bags” to Bendly. This is as much a result of the trendy and vibrant designs as that of the successful collaboration between NPPL and Browntape.

Vijin Nair, Category Manager for NPPL, Browntape says, “A success story in our industry can be ensured only with the perfect combination of product and presentation. We combined NPPL’s value-for-money products with the best customer service and well-defined brand promotion strategies to take it to greater heights.”

Do you want your story to be the next Browntape success story? Contact Browntape today and we’ll be happy to help you multiply your online sales.

Online selling requires a dedicated team and continuous efforts to see effective results. A good team and seamless set of processes are a must for smooth operations. Browntape Enterprise Services understands this and helps retailers to take their retail business online. Once on board, Browntape will handle all the daily operations while the retailers can focus on quality and variety of their products.

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