Logistics Providers for e-Retail: What are your options?

The backbone of the online retail industry is the logistics providers. Since they provide the service of transporting and distributing your products to your customers, thereby completing the sale process, you have to be very careful in delegating this responsibility.

Firstly, we think that it is crucial for a growing e-commerce business to subscribe to the services of a courier and logistics provider. Doing so saves time and effort, and someone to share the responsibility of delivery along with you.

In India, we have a lot of choices when it comes to logistics providers, from small regional operations to international brands. Create a detailed selection process for your needs, where you compare the pros and cons that would include area of operations, cost, pickup facilities and tracking.

Reverse logistics is another important area you should look into before deciding. Look at it as a long-term commitment, because changing logistics providers can be a difficult transition.

Here is a list of providers you could consider.

Selected Pan-India Logistics Providers

  1. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a trusted name in the industry, and they are known for their timely deliveries and extensive area of operations. Apart from this, they offer a range of comprehensive tracking tools specifically for e-commerce businesses that includes tracking via internet and mobile phones on a real time basis. Although they are a tad bit more expensive than your average logistics provider, the price comes with quality.

  1. DTDC

Last May, DTDC came up with Dotzot, a specialized logistics service for e-commerce providers in India. While big players like Flipkart and Jabong have their own delivery services, this was great news for independent online retail providers. Dotzot offers three types of services – express, economy and premium, depending upon your needs.

  1. Aramex

Another trusted name in the business, Aramex offers a few specific services for e-commerce providers. It helps you through shipping and delivery, supply chain management and offers technical support. Although not known for its deliverable area, Aramex is one option that you can explore.

  1. Delhivery

The new kid on the block, Delhivery is already making waves in the business. Delhivery offers a comprehensive service that is catered for omni-channel retailers, whether regional or national, business intelligence tools for logistics and order fulfillment. In terms of pricing, Delhivery is comfortably perched between the more expensive players like Blue Dart and FedEx and the smaller, regional providers.

  1. Ecom Express

Ecom Express is another newbie in the scene, competing in the online retail-dedicated logistics market with Delhivery, Dotzot and the like. Founded last year by a few former top executives at Blue Dart, Ecom Express has been growing at a fast pace. Tailored for small and medium sized e-retail businesses, Ecom Express offers a wide range of services – including pre-paid, cash-on-delivery, cash-before-delivery, etc.

What logistics provider do you think is worth it for you? Get in touch with us at Browntape and tell us more!

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